Boot Plate

The Boot Plate is space age metal that is mounted to the heel or toe of your riding boots to protect them from the… Read More

Boot Plate


My name is Phillip Conklin Jr. I am a single father with two wonderful children and my dog Sentinel, chasing the “American Dream” to own my own business. I own a 24 hour gym called USA Fitness Club located in my home town of Union City, Pa. A small town with roots in the lumber industry. My gym focuses on retirees and enjoying your retirement by having your health in control and enjoying the later years of life with mobility and health.

Pinnacle Sales Rep. has been 8 years in the making. Straight from high school I went to work in a local plastics shop third shift to pay for my education. Four years later I was done with school and offered an engineering position in the shop. That was great!

In my spare time I started to develop my products. Over the years I have had a few prototypes successfully make it to production. They can be found on this site. My products range from the automotive industry to weapon accessories.

I am constantly looking for new directions and needs to fill with my products. If you need something build to fill a special need, my staff and I are here to help!

All of our products support American workers. I believe in this country and in the American Dream.

Live Free and God Bless America!


Phillip Conklin Jr.